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Salt Flats, Kite Beach and Sand Dunes Trail
Leave your tracks on the desert and you will arrive at the "Big Salt Flats of Santa Maria". Riding up a small hill where you will find an amazing view of the salt pans.
Leaving the Salt Flats behind, you will head up to Kite Beach where a great number of kite surfers fill up the sky with their colorful kites during the windy season. An endless golden sand beach trek awaits where you will hear the roar of the waves and the most experienced riders will have the chance to gallop through the surf. Less experienced riders or those who just want to relax and enjoy the landscape will ride along the shore at walking gait with the assistance of the guides. The beach ends up at the foot of the Serra Negra Natural Reserve and you will head back to the stables riding through flat land with green bushes and a small creek where it is common to meet cows, donkeys and endemic birds of Cape Verde.
A fun trail to discover the South Eastern part of the island suitable for all adventurous riders!

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